CMAT kondigt nieuw album ‘Crazymad, for me’ aan, luister single ‘Have fun!’

door Yannick Verhasselt

De Britse Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson oftwel CMAT kondigde zopas haar tweede album ‘Crazymad, for me’ aan. Het album verschijnt op 13 oktober via AWAL Recordings. De songwriter vertelt in een statement: “It’s an abstract break-up album… about what happens when you are still angry about something that happened 10 years ago“. Verder is ‘Have fun!’ de tweede single in aanloop van de release, ‘Whatever’s inconvenient’ bracht ze namelijk in april al uit. “This is a song about ring necked parakeets that are wild in London, but it is also a song about getting over a breakup and moving on from an emotional stalemate even when you don’t, or can’t, forgive the other person’s actions. I suppose it is a song about how things in life are never satisfying, and don’t make sense, but they exist anyway and we have to make the best of it. And have fun!“, vertelt ze over het nummer. Luister hieronder naar de nieuwe single.