Crack Cloud brengt nieuw album ‘Red mile’ naar Botanique, luister single ‘Blue kite’

door Yannick Verhasselt

De Canadese punkers van Crack Cloud hebben een groot contract beet bij Jagjaguwar! Op het label zullen ze deze zomer een nieuwe plaat uitbrengen. De elpee heet ‘Red mile’ en komt uit op 26 juli.

De bands Zach Choy vertelt over de plaat:”When we were recording the album Red Mile in the Mojave Desert, I spent nights reading about 20th century China. My grandparents migrated to Canada during Mao’s Great Leap Forward, and besides the photo albums and childhood memories, I have little basis for understanding their experience.” Hij gaat verder: “Beginning in the late 80s there came to be a generation of Chinese filmmakers whose main subject was the depiction of life during the Cultural Revolution. The films from this time examine the growing pains of national identity, without the glorification that defined National cinema up until then.” “As the viewer with a degree of generational and cultural separation, I found an unusual sense of reprieve in the nuance of it all. And as our time drifted by in the desert, I continued to look inward.” “The music of Red Mile came naturally, and of its own volition.
The Mojave had an elemental effect.
The seemingly never-ending labyrinth of touring into exhaustion that characterized preceding years. And the externalization of Crack Cloud’s mythology, displaced and dismantled as we’ve grown out of ourselves, constantly, creatively reborn, by virtue and design.” ” This is how I would describe Red Mile, and more generally, the group’s freefall, nearly a decade in the making.” “So when close friend and collaborator Aidan Pontarini pitched the skydiving punk concept for the album cover, it resonated deeply.”

Bovendien kondigde de band aan ook naar ons land te komen. Crack Cloud staat op donderdag 5 september in Botanique. Tickets zijn vanaf morgen om 11u te koop via de website van de zaal. Check hieronder trouwens hun gloednieuwe single ‘Blue kite’.